A Step Towards Efficiency

Hello! To start, I’m not entirely sure what category this post is best suited for.
I’ve got some feedback/complications to list for the hope of future improvements :slight_smile:

  In regards to the Finamark web-trading platform:

-When I want to move my pending orders around while they’re very close to other pending orders .1 points away, I doesn’t allow me to grab the one i want because it seems to register the other orders to be moved - and i need to make those adjustments quickly.

-I can’t zoom into the chart to create a larger gap between the orders so that I may move them with ease. It’s causing me to take the longer route of 1 click trade far from entry mark, and then hopefully dragging it right to the desired price point.

-Please, more flexibility/capabilities with how I scale and scroll the chart in all directions with ease. If you want a good example, you can see how TradingView does it. It is excellent.
[scale up/down by holding price section; left/right scale by timeline, scroll back/forward in chart history with mouse wheel, If i want to bring my chart display (not window) all the way down or all the way up freely, I can do that by click-dragging anywhere within the chart.

Really this would be a big help!
Thank you

Hey Spirit,

This is Gabriel, from the Customer Support.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!
I’ve already shared this link with our team so that they can take a look and see what we can do.

I’ve changed your feedback / improvement to the Feature Requests category.

Taking a look at your third point, I believe that’s what shift + zoom in would be what you want? If you hold Shift and use your mouse wheel to zoom in, it zooms vertically and multiplies the drag rate.
Take a test out at the platform and let me know if that works out for you!

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