Can't chart trade when undocking chart from browser (fullscreen)

I use a 14 inch laptop as my only screen, and the website’s header takes too much vertical space from the chart. The only option is going fullscreen (like Tradingview allows you) but when I move the chart tab out of the browser to get rid of the header, the hotkeys for chart trading don’t work.
I also would like to say that for someone that uses only a chart to trade(price action), the option for auto-scale the price, zoom in or out using the scroll and the hotkeys to put stop/limit orders under or above the price is sooo good. I feel that it should be common sense to have those simple functions but not every platform thinks about that (I’m talking with you Ninjatrader). I also love how minimalist the platform is.
I just started using Finamark, so I can’t say anything about how stable/fast the software is or if it’s going to be reliable, but I hope it works smoothly.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that the sell buttons that you can turn on and off from the chart should have the option to be on the right or left side and not only on the bottom. Maybe it’s not important for everyone but for me it is because of the screen size but the option should be on the software anyway.