Hotkeys and Tips

Hold Ctrl + Click on chart:

Opens a limit order ticket at the price clicked, ready to confirm. (Or adds it immediately if one click trading is on).

Hold Shift + Ctrl + Click on chart:

Opens a stop order ticket at the price clicked, ready to confirm. (Or adds it immediately if one click trading is on).

Left/Right Arrow keys:

Moves the chart left and right in small increments.

Up/Down Arrow keys:

Increases/Decreases the scaling on the vertical price axis.

Hold Shift+ Zoom in / out on price axis:

Zooms vertically and multiplies the drag rate

Mouse Scroll:

Moves chart up and down.


There is 1Click Trading toggle on the chart as well as a similar option in Settings (gear icon at the top right of the platform). The option in settings works for widgets aside from the platform, such as the DOM. Both these 1Click Trading options can be very useful.

In the Settings menu just mentioned, you can also turn on “Use Symbol’s Last Trade SL/TP as Default”. This is a really great option that will setup your Stop Loss and Take Profits to be the same size as the last order you placed. Works extra well with 1Click Trading to quickly place a bracket order.

There is a connection plug icon in the bottom right that offers a quick way to open and close your existing data connections.

You can click Support at the top right to talk to Support Staff in real time if you have any issues.

When you search an asset and click on one of the results, it will open all specific contracts for that asset. This will include the date of the contract. The top result will not have a date associated with it. This is the Continuous Contract. Selecting this will open the contract for this asset that has the most trading volume (usually the least future dated one)

Using a slash “/” at the start of the asset will search for only assets with that exact text in their symbol name. Regular searches also check the asset’s common name. If you search for an asset with slash and press enter, it will immediately load the Continuous Contract.

The DOM (Depth of Market) widget is quite popular with traders. It is easy to watch price levels and set Stop and Limit orders directly from the widget. Give it a try.

The bottom sections of widgets that have the Buy/Sell buttons and price data can be hidden. Click the icon that looks like trading buttons, to the right of the account selector.