Layout and Widget Basics

Finamark is primarily made up of Widgets. These are like apps inside of the site that give you tools to watch and trade the markets. All widgets can display their own accounts/symbols, so you can track many things at a time. These Widgets can be arranged as you want them and then saved as a Layout for use again next time.

The layout may be customized to any pattern you like. You may add or remove any widgets, including duplicating widgets, and resizing/moving them. It is easy to save and load Layouts in the Layouts menu (at the top of the platform), including loading the default layout.

Adding a Widget
To add a widget, first open the Widgets menu by clicking the Widgets icon at the top of the platform. Once the Widget menu is open, you can click on any widget you want to add to your layout. This new widget will be placed at the bottom of layout. From here you can move it to where you would like.
Once you have added whatever widgets you like, click on either the Widgets menu icon, or on the X at the top of the Widgets menu. This will close the Widgets menu, keeping your additions.

Resizing a Widget
Resizing a widget is done in the typical manner. Simply click and drag the bottom right corner of a widget. This will make the widget appear red until you release. As you resize a widget, others will shift to accomodate its new size.

Moving a Widget
To move a widget, click and drag the top bar of the widget, releasing the drag where you want the widget. As you move a widget, you will see a red box to indicate where the box will end up once you release the drag and drop. Other widgets will adjust around the one your are moving.

Widget Linking
You can link widgets together in the layout. To do this, just drag and drop the chain-link icon from the top right corner of a widget, releasing it in another widget. You can link widgets where an asset may be selected.
Linking will cause the second widget to display the asset from the first widget. The widgets that can link are Chart, Reconstructed Tape, Time and Sales, and Depth & Sales.