Placing orders and their functions

In Finamark orders can be placed a few ways, to make your trading easier. Here we will go over all the features involving placing an order.

The Order Ticket Window

You can fill this in from scratch or open it other ways. Unless you have 1Click Trading enabled, this window will always open for you to edit and confirm your trade. You can open a blank order ticket by clicking the Order icon at the top of the platform.

1Click Trading

Use some of the features listed next, without the need for a confirmation step. Instant trade, just one click. Turn it on and off for the Chart with its own toggle, or open the settings menu for the platform to turn 1Click on/off for all other widgets.

Buy + Sell Buttons

There are 6 buttons on both the Chart and DOM to prefill trades for you. Three Buy and Sell buttons each: market/bid/ask. These open prefilled trades at those prices, just needing a confirmation. Turning on 1Click Trading means these trades execute immediately and without confirmation.

Trading On the Chart with Hotkeys

Ctrl+Shift+Click for a Stop Order ticket opened prefilled at the price you clicked. Same with Ctrl+Click for a Limit Order. 1Click Trading turned on will mean these hotkeys instantly place orders on the chart. These even react to the market price compared to where you click, and giving you a Buy or Sell order as appropriate. This means the hotkeys make Stop Sells and Limit Buys below market price, Stop Buys and Limit Sells above it.

Editing/Closing Positions on the Chart

Your positions and pending orders are displayed on the chart for you. You can use the X on the tag of a position or pending order to close it. You can also drag and drop pending orders to a new spot and confirm it to finish the move. If you use 1Click Trading, this drag and drop process needs no confirmation, just move the pending order and you’re done.

Trading On the DOM

The DOM will show you the action at every price. It also helps you place your Stops and Limits easily. There is a column for both Buy and Sell, so you can set a Stop or Limit at the exact price you wish. Click Settings at the top of the platform and turn on 1Click Trading there, to make these orders on the DOM need no confirmation.

Order Types

Finamark has Market, Limit, Stop, Take Profit and Stop Loss, and OCO.


Order Flags are: Good Til Closed and Day. You can toggle the default for these directly on the chart.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

Your orders can always be placed as bracket orders with Stop Loss and/or Take Profit. When the price touches these they will trigger to end your trade automatically. Simply click their buttons at the bottom of the order window so they become colorful. Then for futures assets specify the number of ticks from the position that you want each placed, or for forex specify the price. You can even use the ‘Copy Last SL/TP’ option in the Settings menu for the platform to always use your previous SL and TP sizes. This is very useful for 1Click Trading, so your quick orders are bracketed.

Trail Stop Loss

Trail Stop Loss allows you to modify your Stop, setting an amount of ticks of profit needed to automatically pull up your Stop Loss.

Example: You choose 4 for Trail Stop Loss and then the market price goes 7 ticks into profit. Since it was at least 4, the Trail triggers and it will move your Stop 7 ticks higher for a long, or 7 lower for a short.


If you use this option to modify your Stop Loss, it will bring up your stop just above your position, once a certain number of ticks of profit are reached.

Example: You choose 6. Once the price of the asset goes 6 ticks or more above your position, your Stop Loss will be moved to 1 tick above your position.

Margins and Commissions

At the bottom of the Order Ticket Window you can see the Margins and Fees associated with the trade you are filling out.