Positions not opening - 29/03/2021 - Fixed

Hello everyone,

We’ve had users reporting that their positions were not opening and they couldn’t trade using Finamark today, Monday 29/03/2021.

We’ve already investigated the situation and it seems that Rithmic has introduced a breaking change over the weekend.
Our developer is already working on a patch, as I write this, to make sure this gets resolved as fast as possible.

Thank you very much for everyone who reported this to us and for all the patience in the matter.

I’ll update this post as soon as the patch is developed and deployed.

Update 1:
Rithmic stopped accepting bracket order requests and, instead, returns an error message “an error occurred while parsing data” when users try to insert a bracketed order.

This means that users can still insert orders, they just can’t be a bracket order.

As I mentioned before, I’ll update when we get a fix out for this situation.

Update 2:
The fix is coming. It will be deployed after the market closes. We’ll run some tests after and make sure that at market open, everything should be alright

Update 3:
I tested this out today and it seems like Rithmic’s fix that was pushed out after the market closed, fixed the issue.
If anyone experiences this again, please let us know but, it should all be alright :slight_smile: Bracket orders can now be inserted again!