The Calendar Widget

The Calendar is a trader’s best friend. It is hooked up to a data feed to show you every upcoming news event that could affect the markets. Each event has the expected/actual/previous figures shown, including historical data. It also provides a quick rundown of what this event is and how it is likely to impact your trading. The flags for the events are even displayed on the Chart, so that you always see upcoming events.

These are the columns that make up the Calendar widget. The rows are listed in chronological order and the next upcoming events will be highlighted. You can move from day to day or load a whole week at a time to look through.

When the event will take place.

Flag of the country of the event.

Name/content of the economic release.

Shows the amount of volatility this event is likely to cause. One dot for small impact, two dots for moderate impact, and three dots for large impact.

Once the event has completed, this will be filled in with the figure that was announced during that event.

This was the consensus prediction for the amount of this release, before the event occurred.

This is the figure released during the previous date of this release. Most releases are monthly, quarterly, or yearly.