The Chart Widget

The chart is the most important part of the platform to most traders. The Finamark chart can do many things, and the key features will be summed up here.

Price Charting
The bread and butter. Select the account and the asset and you get an instant feed of the price data. The platform features time/tick/volume/range series types and all your favorite chart types.
You can also change to preset and custom timeframes, resize/move/zoom the chart, examine data points, control the chart scale, color selectors, and every other option you could ask for.

Trading via the Chart
The chart features collapsible buttons for buying or selling at the market/bid/ask prices. These open pre-filled orders for you to edit if you like and confirm.
You can also use the hotkey Ctrl+Click to create a limit order at that price level, or Ctrl+Shift+Click for a stop. These hotkeys will even react to you click above or below current price, changing your orders to buy or sell accordingly!

We have dozens of popular indicators and often add more based on user demand. These can be compliments to the chart itself or analytical tools in their own section of the chart. The amount of the chart the indicator section takes up is up to you.

Event Flags
The chart can display country/region flags based on the upcoming news in our Calendar widget. This lets you keep an eye on the events that are coming up that will affect your trading, directly via the chart.

1-Click Trading
For those who value speed of the trade highly. This handy option on the Chart lets you skip the confirmation step of any hotkey or buy/sell button trading you do with the chart, instead filling the order immediately.

Drawing Tools
There are various tools to draw on the chart with, including lines, channels, boxes, and Fibonnaci Retracement. These can be colored, labelled and removed as you please, including wiping all your drawings from the chart.

Price Display
The bottom of the chart has the price display near the buy / sell buttons. Here you can see the last price for the asset, the percentage change in price since that day began, and current bid ask prices and quantities.

Hold Ctrl + Click on chart:

Opens a limit order ticket at the price clicked, ready to confirm. (Or adds it immediately if one click trading is on).

Hold Shift + Ctrl + Click on chart:

Opens a stop order ticket at the price clicked, ready to confirm. (Or adds it immediately if one click trading is on).

Left/Right Arrow keys:

Moves the chart left and right in small increments.

Up/Down Arrow keys:

Increases/Decreases the scaling on the vertical price axis.

Hold Shift+click and drag up or down on price axis:

Resizes vertical scaling just like Up/Down arrow keys.

Mouse Scroll:

Moves chart up and down.