Widget Summaries

The platform has many Widgets to help your trading be as successful as possible.

Here is a quick summary:

Charts price data, allows drawing, many indicators, chart types, series type. All customizable in every way, and can place orders from the chart via buttons and hotkeys.

Shows you all the data for your accounts, including P/L and Margin Used/Available.

Reconstructed Tape

Shows all trades for a particular asset, summarized within small time periods.

Time and Sales

Shows all trades for an asset, unfiltered.


Shows all notices involving trades, grouped by day.


Shows all positions for an account. Allows you to close positions, reverse positions, and liquidate all positions (with a confirmation).

Shows your orders for an account, grouped into these categories: All, Working, Filled, and Canceled.

My Favorites

Pick your own favorite assets for this widget, to get a quick view of its price, chart, and volume at all times.


Shows all upcoming economic events, their level of volatility/importance, their expected and reported figures, and details on how they will affect the markets.

Date & Time

Set this to any time zone to track the time of day in other markets.